Mike Litt

Consumer Program Advocate
Mike Litt works to educate and activate consumers to stand up to Wall Street and other special interests who threaten our financial security.

Dev Gowda

Public Health Advocate
Dev Gowda has worked as an advocate for the PIRGs since October 2013.

Elise Orlick

Democracy Associate
(202) 461-3825
Elise works to require disclosure of corporate political spending, to pass a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United and to get big money out of politics.

Alexandria Robins

Tax and Budget Associate
As the tax and budget associate, Alexandria Robins works to increase incorporation transparency and end tax haven abuse at both the federal and state level.

Shelby Luce

Antibiotics Fellow
(650) 455-8860
Shelby Luce is an Antibiotics Fellow, and works on our campaign to reduce antibiotic use in industrial farming.

Michelle Surka

Tax and Budget Advocate
Michelle Surka works as a Tax and Budget Advocate to increase transparency in government settlement agreements signed with corporations accused of wrongdoing.

Matthew Wellington

Antibiotics Program Director
Matt oversees campaign operations with organizers and volunteers across the country to stop the overuse of antibiotics on factory farms.

Elizabeth Ridlington

Policy Analyst
Elizabeth Ridlington is a policy analyst with Frontier Group. She focuses primarily on global warming, fracking and clean vehicles, and has written dozens of reports on these and other subjects.

Gideon Weissman

Policy Analyst
Gideon Weissman is a Policy Analyst in Frontier Group’s Boston office.



Tell your senators to oppose the “Financial CHOICE Act,” which would gut Wall Street reforms and destroy the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as we know it.

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