Making Health Care Work

LOWERING HEALTH CARE COSTS—We’re working to cut costs by cutting waste and focusing on prevention and care that get results.


It’s a big year for health care. Many people have new options for coverage. And new protections are making existing health insurance work better. Take a look at our latest resources to help you make the most of the changes:

Health Insurance Tips - Top tips on getting the best deal on health insurance, and information about new consumer protections

So You Need Health Insurance, Now What? - The new young person's guide to health insurance

We’re excited to get the word out about these new options and consumer protections. But we also know there’s more to do to really make health care work across America. That’s why we’re advancing new initiatives to cut waste, improve care, and give consumers more control over their health.

The Health Insurance Marketplace

The state and federal health insurance marketplaces can help consumers and small businesses find a better deal on health coverage, with tools to compare plans, and information about new financial help. We’re working to make sure these marketplaces meet their potential to boost competition, reduce costs and improve quality.

Health Insurance Rate Watch

It’s time for health insurance companies to get serious about lowering the cost of care by cutting waste and focusing on preventive care that gets results – instead of raising deductibles and hiking premiums. We’re tracking insurers’ health insurance rate increase proposals, and working to strengthen protections for consumers and small businesses against excessive rates.

Fighting the High Cost of Rx Drugs

According to the Federal Trade Commission, Americans spend at least $3.5 billion more than they should have to on prescription drugs every year. That’s because drug companies use a practice called “pay for delay” to pay off their competitors to delay availability of the lower priced generic version of the drug. We’re working to put a stop to this practice.

Learn more about our priority campaign to end the pharmaceutical industry's scheme to delay cheaper drugs from entering the market:

Issue updates

Report | U.S. PIRG Education Fund | Health Care

Building a Better Health Care Marketplace

The creation of a new health insurance exchange offers our state the chance to build a better marketplace for health care.  The exchange can help individuals and small businesses by increasing competition and improving choices in the state’s insurance market.  By providing better options and better information, and negotiating on behalf of its enrollees, the exchange can level the playing field for consumers.

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News Release | U.S. PIRG Education Fund | Health Care

Consumer Group Calls for Competitive Health Care Marketplaces

State policy-makers can address rising health care costs by implementing an effective health insurance exchange, according to a report released today by consumer advocacy group U.S. PIRG.

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News Release | U.S. PIRG Education Fund | Health Care

New Rules on Insurance Premium Hikes Will Protect Consumers

A statement by U.S. PIRG Health Care Advocate Larry McNeely on regulations released yesterday by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services regarding the review of unreasonable health insurance premium rate increases.

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News Release | U.S. PIRG | Health Care

House Bill Would Drive Up Health Costs, Restrict Consumers' Choices

H.R. 1213 would hurt consumers by zeroing out the start-up funds needed to get new competitive state health insurance marketplaces off the ground. Delaying the establishment of these exchanges will mean years more of the status quo – a stagnant marketplace with little competition, fewer choices and unchecked premium growth.

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Report | U.S. PIRG | Health Care

The Cost of Repeal for Young Adults

Before moving forward with the health care repeal, however, policy-makers must consider the real-life consequences that their policy choices would have on millions of young Americans. U.S. PIRG has examined official research, data, and projections from independent sources, to provide a detailed picture of repeal’s impact on young adults. The evidence reveals that young people would face significant costs if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.

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Report | U.S. PIRG | Health Care

D.C. Area Consumers Pay More for Prescription Drugs While Pharmaceutical Profits Soar

A price survey of 33 pharmacies in the D.C. Area, conducted by the national consumer groups Public Citizen, U.S. PIRG and the D.C. chapter of the Gray Panthers shows that consumers who lack prescription drug coverage are being charged retail prices that are nearly double the prices prescription drug makers charge their most favored customers.

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