HR 4078 yesterday passed a floor vote in the House. This bill if passed by Congress will shut down the U.S. regulatory system as we know it. Two other equally hazardous bills are rolled into it, H.R. 4607 and H.R. 3862. Combined, these bills will halt or delay virtually ALL rulemaking and public health protections and do absolutely nothing to stimulate the economy or new job opportunities. They would shut down safeguards that Americans take for granted. This bill will now pass to the Senate and if Congress makes this bill law we will see the following consequences.

The food in grocery stores will become unsafe. Each year, 1.2 million people get sick, 7,125 are hospitalized, and 134 die from foodborne illnesses contracted from contaminated produce. The Food Safety Modernization Act, passed with support from both industry and consumer groups, and calls for new regulations on produce handling on large farms and an inspection system for foreign farms to be in place by 2013. Its implementation depends on rulemaking that would be blocked by this bill.

Medical devices will become more unsafe. Tens of millions of Americans including the elderly and children use or have medical devices implanted in their bodies.  The bill would block the Food and Drug Administration’s long-awaited rules to ensure all implanted medical devices, (such as artificial hips and implantable heart valves) can be tracked in the event any are found to be unsafe and recalled. This will not happen if the bill becomes law.

The drugs we buy at the pharmacy will be unsafe. Every year 100’s of new drugs come onto the market, if this bill is passed there is no guarantee that these drugs will be rigorously tested before reaching the consumer market. If this bill is passed it would freeze any mandates in the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act making the drugs we use potentially dangerous.

The air we breathe will become more unsafe. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency protects us with rules and safety standards by regulating power plants, industrial boilers, process heaters and cement plants in compliance with the Clean Air Act. These structures blast mercury and toxic air pollutants into our air. If this bill is passed the EPA won’t be able to do its job and we will be breathing air that will have an impact on the respiratory health of millions of Americans including vulnerable populations such as the elderly and children.

Health, safety, and environmental, safeguards make our country stronger and safer – and the public relies on them. The Clean Air Act, The Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act and The Food Safety Modernization Act, are only a few of the landmark laws that have improved life in America.  If this bill becomes law consumers will no longer be able to go to the grocery store, the pharmacy, or the retail store with any confidence in the products that they are buying are safe. Staples like peanut butter, furniture such as cribs, and toys for babies and toddlers will no longer be guaranteed safe. Essentially this bill will give industry more freedom to pollute and put unsafe products on the market. Rules and the regulatory system are needed to protect our families and our loved ones. This bill should not be passed by Congress, and become a law.


These unnecessary regulations force our food to cost more, prevents sick people from getting access to new useful drugs, greatly increases the price of medicine for sick people, and prevents American industry from being able to compete with foreign industry.

Food will not magically become unsafe because farmers need to sell safe food else grocers will not buy from them. It is in the best interest of supporting their families that their food be safe. Adding ridiculous red tape government intervention onto something that they already do will just cost the American taxpayer billions of dollars and force the farmer to pass the higher price onto consumers after he has to hire new inspectors and buy ridiculous new equipment to meet regulations that protect noone.

What's more, this article is just attempting to spread Fear, Uncertainty, and Dread, hallmarks of the left's tactics. They can't FUD me anymore. As a former liberal I've already been vaccinated.

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Stop with the fear mongering. The solution to ALL of these problems is the least regulation, most freedom possible, with a strict and strong adherence to personal property rights.

Stupid. Getting rid of government regulation doesn't mean regulation ceases to exist. It means we can regulate without the heavy weight of government, without the red tape and costs of government, without the inefficiency and wastefulness of government. This is a typical leftist viewpoint that if government doesn't regulate somehow there is no regulation, and it is utterly false. Americans are able to regulate themselves through free market and the private sector. Government has failed at everything it does and its regulations are burdensome and unnecessary.

Exactly. It doesn't mean that everything will all of a sudden magically change into pre-regulation standards. What a fear-mongering way to present this information.

Miss Hossain, I can guarantee you that the people at the EPA, FDA and other regulatory agencies will not simply quit their jobs, nor will they be fired. Additionally, I have worked with such agencies to attempt to market products that have been through such rigorous testing and are safe. The current regulations shut down the company I worked for because it cost more and more to do business.

The next time you write an article, please make an attempt - even a SMALL attempt - to present it fairly.

...or at least read the bill you're hating on.

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This rule doesn't do away with regulations on the books. It prohibits making substantial regulatory rules that will have an impact of >500mill or thereabouts. It doesn't suddenly kill regulation. It is congress regulating the executive branch. THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO. Why would anyone want the executive branch to have unbriddled power to institute rules as they see fit with no check to their power? Why do we want a government of unelected people dictating everything from what we can eat to how high on the wall mirrors must be located in order to obtain a zoning permit?! Liberals don't know or care how things really work or whether the engine of the economy will keep going. They only want to feel like someone is going to make them feel better or that they will get something for free. Damn the specifics and the impact that a couple dollars some homeless person gets has on the broader economy. Job creation never happens when the only major employer is government since ALL REVENUE brought in by the government is taxes, tarriffs, and fees. All this revenue is taken from american citizens (except tarriffs which are systematically being done away with by free trade agreements). Why would anyone, ANYONE, want to live under a dictatorship? Thank you good congressmen for passing this wonderful and timely act to curb the unbriddled power of an executive branch that has no concern for America the whole. Can we PLEASE be concerned for the majority for once in our modern history?!

I am continually amazed by the amount of information available on this subject. What you presented was well researched and well worded in order to get your stand on this across to all your readers.
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Do you really believe because the govt wouldn't be available that corporate America
would run rampant with dangerous product? That goes against their profit
motive and their existence. You are so dumb!!


You're a liberal, right? Not try for the rest of us to back up your ill-informed opinions with facts. But we all know you cannot back up your statements with facts because they are lies. Nobody actually paid you for your comment did they?

Here is the best regulation of all. You're product doesn't work - or hurts people. I know longer buy it. Simple as that.

Or you are sick, dying,or dead!

In 1973 at Rice University, Tex-Pirg had managed to get dues (fees, taxes, MONEY) to them as part of the fees to the University. It took an Act of Congress (pun) to get one's money back and most people didn't.

These busy-bodies are still at it - saving us from ourselves at great expense.

Stop the fear pandering you Obama Lover!!!

your logic works well in North Korea

Yes i am totally agreed with this article and i just want say that this article is very nice and very informative article.I will make sure to be reading your blog more. You made a good point but I can't help but wonder, what about the other side? !!!!!!THANKS!!!!!!
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We have lived in this country for OVER 200 years without any of the above regualtion. Delaying some regulations that will hurt businesses is worth the wait until we can get everyone back to work.
Your selfish view from the I'm employed side does not work on the I'm unemployeed side, give us a chance to get a job.

At an equivalent time, Congress has usually invoked the war fighter, the boys and ladies serving in Republic of Iraq and Afghanistan, because the reason for increasing Tricare advantages and refusing value will increase. however as Brittany Gregerson convincingly shows, the best beneficiaries of Tricare within the last decade ar retirees and their families, not active-duty service members. what is more, solely seventeen % of the active-duty force nowadays can serve the requisite twenty years to retain the correct to stay on Tricare when retiring. scores of men and ladies World Health Organization dependably served in Republic of Iraq and Afghanistan won’t see this profit...

Health, safety, and environmental safeguards are NOT making our country stronger and safer. They are out of control and making us weaker by heaping costly and unnecessary regulations on small businesses. Our own government is handicapping us, making us LESS competitive.

Stop treating Americans like we are too helpless and pathetic to make our own decisions about risks and safety and start understanding that the competitive marketplace is the best enforcement of safety -- companies self-police because they don't want their business destroyed by the fall out from selling faulty products.

There will always be a certain amount of peril and tragedy in the world. You can't prevent the inevitable by legislating the impossible. All you do is hurt business which hurts the economy which hurts all Americans. Over-regulation IS the problem, not the solution.

Terrible. You do not have a clue how the real world operates in terms of business. "Will do nothing to stimulate the economy"


We aren't forever protected by the govt. rules for our greatest interest anyway. i feel the large drug corporations and large farms get things passed that should not be. it's general knowledge that one thing isn't smart, long before the Feds pull it to 'protect us' - if they ever do or can. Examples: High ketohexose sirup, Artificial Sweeteners, .... and lots of of the medicine - that natural supplements and vitamins might solve during a higher a lot of wholesome manner -- however a 'less cash creating way' ...
No - they'd rather build laws forbidding the sale of soda.

Ms. Hossain,

with this line:
"... do absolutely nothing to stimulate the economy or new job opportunities. "

you have completely disqualified yourself from having any credibility. You could argue that the economic stimulation of this act would not be worth the costs. Perhaps that is a discussion worth having. But when you say that lifting the regulatory burden would not create jobs, you reveal either your ignorance or your malice. Please, drop the charade and be a straight shooter. Your propaganda crystal clear - you want big government and you'll say or do anything to get it.

Retire from journalism please.


We are not always protected by the Govt Regulations for our best interest anyway. I believe the big drug companies and huge farms get things passed that shouldn't be. It is common knowledge that something is not good, long before the Feds pull it to 'protect us' - if they ever do or will. Examples: High Fructose Corn Syrup, Artificial Sweeteners, .... And many of the drugs - which natural supplements and vitamins could solve in a better more wholesome way -- but a 'less money making way' ...
No - they'd rather make laws banning the sale of soda.

The first line of the post:

"HR 4078 yesterday passed a floor vote in the House, this bill if passed by Congress will shutdown the U.S. regulatory system as we know it."

Typical of the progressive left. When facts don't work, use half-truths and outright lies. The regulatory system as we know it will not be shut down, or even slowed. Every regulation in place before this bill takes effect will still be in place after it. All that will happen is no NEW regulations...a good thing.

Your premise is that businesses are basically evil and will cut any corner to make a profit. That is true for an extremely small percentage, but for most they see it is real stupid to the long term survival of their enterprise. Thus for the sake of the tiny few, we kill the goose.

What planet are you from? Clearly, one that breeds ignorance and promotes hostile acts on our country. Leave now please, and be sure to do so quietly.

The dullard that penned this idiotic, myopic view would be a star on the set of the movie Idiocracy. Clearly ignorant.

HR 4078 is a bill that will reduce the excessive amount of Red Tape that business owners have to work through ultimately getting the boot of the neck of those who actually provide jobs. It will certainly reduce their costs which will in turn enable them to hire more workers and drive prices for the american consumer back down. I suggest you google PA Congressman Mike Kelly's speech on this bill for a real explanation on why this bill is a good thing for America right now.


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